Cremation is an increasingly popular funeral service in Lithuania. However, our clients still have a lot of questions about how and how long cremation services take in our country. Although this method is not very new, still there are various myths, so we invite you to learn more about cremation services.

Cremation procedure

Sometimes people are still afraid to choose cremation services because they think that the ashes of the dead can be easily mixed. However, this is not true. Certified companies that provide cremation services have special facilities that meet all the requirements, making ash mixing completely impossible. It’s also worth knowing that these processes are being filmed, so if you have some doubts, you can always contact the company that provided the service, and they will provide you with a video. In some cases, these processes can be monitored directly, but it can be painful for you to do so. Therefore, it’s best to trust the funeral home and don’t worry unnecessarily.

We want to emphasize that cremation is an optional method of burial. It is a personal decision for each person whether he or she will cremate his or her loved one or will bury him/her as usual. Cremation can only take place with the written consent of a relative.

In Lithuania, bodies can be cremated in Kėdainiai or transported to Suwalki in Poland. The relatives of the deceased only need to have a death certificate and a deceased person’s identity document, and all documentation is handled by the employees of our company.

Price and duration of cremation

After cremation, you can bury your loved one in the usual way. The costs of urn viewing and burial are no different from the costs of ordinary body burial in a coffin. The costs of cremation and transportation are simply added. For specific prices of the services, please contact us using the specified contact information, and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Cremation takes about 2 to 3 hours, not counting body transportation time.

What to do with the ashes of the deceased after cremation?

According to the Lithuanian laws, the ashes of the deceased person can be kept at home, but for no longer than 3 months. After this period, you will need to bury the urn. Depending on your request, you will be able to bury the urn in special columbariums (currently more and more cemeteries in Lithuania are installing them). However, it is also possible to bury the urn in a cemetery, in a traditional way.

Who do I need to contact?

Cremation is one of the most ecological and hygienic ways of burial. In addition, if you contact our company, we will be able to offer you an ecological coffin. If you choose cremation in Poland, you will not have to spend on the coffin because the bodies are cremated in paper coffins there.

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