Traditional burial in Lithuania

The traditional burial of the deceased by burying the body underground currently counts more than 100,000 years. This method of burial is common among all Christians and is extremely popular not only throughout Europe but also in Western countries. It has long been believed that after death, the soul of the deceased is resurrected along with his body, so they should not be separated. Despite the fact that nowadays it is possible to choose completely different alternatives for the burial of the deceased, Lithuanians who cherish the deep roots of the faith still choose the traditional burial of the deceased.

The coffin – an integral element of traditional burial in Lithuania.

In order for the funeral to be as traditional as possible, it is necessary not only to think carefully about all religious rites, but also to choose a suitable and high-quality coffin for the body of the deceased. As you already know, the coffin will be visible not only during the funeral in the cemetery, but also during the entire viewing of the deceased. Therefore, every customer wants to choose not only a high quality product, but also an aesthetically pleasing product. Our funeral company is happy to offer you a very wide range of coffins.

What kind of coffins do we offer?

UAB “Tadora” provides all funeral services in one place. Therefore, it will help you to choose the highest quality coffin, which will suit the deceased not only according to his/her height, but also according to your individual needs. You can choose coffins of one colour or carved with special patterns.

All of our coffins are made of wood and you can choose from as many as 30 different models. Coffin prices depend directly on the model and vary greatly in order to adapt to your preferences.

If you have any questions regarding the selection of coffins, you can contact us at any time of the day. We provide free consultations by telephone +370 (659) 66666 or email