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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When a loved one dies, sometimes it seems that there is no time left to come to terms with the idea or to properly prepare for the funeral. You want to say goodbye to your loved one with dignity and feel that you have really done everything you could. It is your duty to arrange the funeral properly so that the soul of the deceased can leave in peace. Every detail of the funeral needs to be taken care of and there are many of them, but most importantly – the proper viewing of the deceased.

Funeral halls now and then

The older generation, even now, probably remembers the long funeral ceremonies, the viewing of the deceased at home, and the constant commotion of the visitors who came. It was then customary to take care of the viewing of the deceased and funeral reception. However, time doesn’t stand still, not only traditions but also people’s needs change.

Many now have a busy work rhythm, have little time and don’t know how to properly organize each funeral process. That is why it is now customary to turn to funeral homes, which have modern, adapted funeral halls and help to perform all funeral rites quickly and purposefully.

The importance of funeral halls

The funeral hall is an important step in the person’s whole journey to eternity. During this process, the last moments are given to be with the deceased, to sit quietly and to communicate with the relatives. The viewing of the deceased is the most sensitive, subtle and significant part of the funeral process. Therefore, it is very important to choose a funeral hall in which not only you but also other people will feel comfortable, cosy and will be impeccably served.

UAB “TADORA” gives you a wide selection of funeral halls in different cities:

  • Funeral halls in Vilnius have a cozy and warm interior and exterior. In the funeral home located at Dzūkų str. (“Naujininkai”) you can choose from four funeral halls of different sizes, up to 35 and 150 seats. In the funeral home located at Talino str. (“Justiniškės”), we will offer five funeral halls of different sizes, up to 50 seats. So, depending on the different needs and the number of people that will gather, you can choose from a really wide range of funeral halls.
  • Funeral halls in Vilnius also have an additional branch in Naujoji Vilnia. Here you will be able to choose the most suitable funeral hall from three options.
  • Funeral halls in Molėtai. We have to offer you one funeral hall where up to 40 people can be seated.
  • Funeral halls in Švenčionys. We always kindly offer you to choose one of our most modern and cozy halls in the city, where up to 50 people can be seated.
  • Funeral halls in Zarasai provide customers with great comfort and exceptional beauty of the interior. In this city you can choose from two different funeral halls: one with 50 seats and the other with 60 seats.
  • Funeral halls in Visaginas allow its customers to choose from three halls of different sizes (55, 60 and 70 seats). Here, as in the funeral halls of other cities, you will find small but comfortable lounges, a subtle interior design, which will be perfectly complemented by various funeral decorations.


All our funeral halls are modern, so they have:

  • Settees;
  • Musical background, according to your personal wishes;
  • Optimal lighting;
  • The lounges are equipped with dishes and a fridge, you can have a relaxing chat, coffee, tea and a snack;
  • Service of the funeral halls throughout the whole viewing of the deceased. Thanks to this service, relatives don’t need to worry about anything else;
  • In addition, you can choose a projector that will display photos of the deceased from different moments of his/her life.

When you say goodbye to your loved one properly, you will feel that you performed your duty and did an important work for your family, you will be overwhelmed with spiritual peace that you have done everything you could do best. Our funeral halls in Vilnius and other cities will help to turn the sad moments into calmer and more respectful ones, so you will understand that a person’s journey to the afterlife is a natural and peaceful phenomenon.

Trust us in the most painful moments of your life. We are always ready to help you! We provide free consultations at any time of the day, so please contact us using telephone +370 (659) 66666 or email:


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