Thoughts about eternity

Frequently asked questions

Linas Ryškus, director,
CEO of „Lietuvos rytas“ TV channel

How do you perceive death?
First of all, death forces us to think about life. We all are going to die, yet nobody knows what will happen after that. So, let’s insure ourselves by living nicely – let’s improve our-selves and let’s reach such a high level that we could help others. Death will not be so terrifying after that.

What happens after death?
I believe in afterlife, the reincarnation. I think that everything has its own meaning and is interconnected. Nothing can be forgotten or unseen by the all-seeing eye of the universe. If you will put sticks into someone’s wheels – you can wait for a response. It won’t neces-sary be a direct one and it won’t necessary occur immediately… However, if you will lift up someone who got down – you shouldn’t wait for something good to happen and it might actually happen later.

Does eternity exist?
Nothing disappears nowhere. It’s like a law of energy – “it doesn’t come from nowhere and doesn’t disappear nowhere, energy of one type can become or be changed by ener-gy of another type.” I believe that suits physical energy as well.