About us

Time has no beginning and no ending.

We believe that – after all, we can’t prove anything we are not able to know personally. However, it lets us to believe in eternity, which lies around us wherever we are.

Changing the concept of funerals from oppressive event to a peaceful parting with de-ceased relatives and accompanying them in their journey to eternal calmness is our business for almost 20 years already. During that time we expanded our business and started to provide service in 5 cities of Eastern Lithuania.

We see funeral home as a place where relatives can be with deceased people they care about on their way to the eternity. We opened a new modern funeral parlor in Vilnius in the end of 2017 to establish this concept physically and to embody our mission.

During that time, we started to develop activities in 5 cities of eastern Lithuania, and at the end of 2017, we opened a second branch in Vilnius. From here we begin to develop a new, modern concept of saying goodbye to your loved ones – it’s not a funeral, it’s a process of accompanying him/her to the eternity.

Our goals